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Metasurface Design

A preliminary tutorial for metalens design  

This is a tutorial I gave in FIO/LS and CLEO in 2018

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Metalens Design

Source codes from Dr. Steven Byrnes used in his Optics Express paper entitled "Designing large, high-efficiency, high-numerical-aperture, transmissive meta-lenses for visible light".

Rayleigh–Sommerfeld Propagator

Calculate far-field diffraction pattern. I developed this code in Matlab. The figure on the right was produced by the code, which aims to reproduce the result of Fig. 2.1e (the left Fig.) in Prof. Masud Mansuripur's book "Classical Optics and Its Applications".

Masud book_edited.jpg

A Matlab code to draw point spread function

This is a code that I have used to process measured focal spot intensity at different z-planes of metalens. An image after running the code is shown below.


Refractive indices

TiO2 and aSi indices of refraction used in my publications. These are experimentally measured data.

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